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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  September 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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cooperate. temperatures in the mid-80s. sounds good to me. welcome back to nbc "nbc10 news today." i am rosemary connors. it's just about 6:00. let's get a check of the weekend weather with meteorologist, brittney shipp. couldn't ask for a better end to the summer, right? >> we have a combination, cooler temperatures, so not as hot and also the humidity dropping. that's a great combination, especially if you have outdoor plans for the holiday weekend. there's a live look right now. philadelphia art museum, where everything is getting set up for the made in america concert today and tomorrow. take a look at the conditions. you will notice the wind condition, while the cool air in off the coast, and that's going to keep the temperatures down, and we are at 73 degrees in atlantic city, and beach haven at 72, and 74 in sea aisle city. temperatures are going to stay below average today.
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77 by 11:00 a.m. take a look at 2:00 p.m., 79. we will stay around 80 degrees, and that's going to be a nice day down the shore. drier air going to keep our humidity down. i will let you know how long the conditions will stick around coming up in my full forecast. today tens of thousands of music fans will pack the ben franklin parkway here in philadelphia for the first of two days of live music. made in america festival will begin later this afternoon. it has become a tradition for philadelphia to host the event that brings live music to five stations along the parkway. jesse gary is live there with details about what you need to know to navigate the setup. >> reporter: we changed our position a little bit and spun the other way so you can get a look to what is out here to the right or camera left.
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that's the 22nd street entrance that is blocked off, and if you come back the other way, going down 22nd street, you can see police have barricades up at that end, and in between, east and west you have got five stages and you have venues to hear music, and you have places where you can eat and get stuff to drink and et cetera, and yesterday crews put the finishing touches on a lot of the setups for the two-day event. the event features 30. >> this is my first time coming to philly and i like it so far. i have been traveling around and taking pictures. >> i think it's great for the city. i think it brings notoriety for the city. i think with all the things going on right now in different communities across the country,
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i think for people to gather in a place and have a good time i think is excellent. >> reporter: all those people at one place will definitely create traffic problems and we showed you that yesterday afternoon with the problems over by 22th and the parkway, and you don't want to drive in this area. best to rely on mass transit and get dropped off and do a short walk over here because it's going to be a zoo with all of those people here to see all the free music in the city of philadelphia. live on the parkway, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> our coverage of the made in america festival continues on line, and can you get everything from street closers to concert lineups. a scary start to the labor day weekend for dozens on south street last night. one man is dead after somebody open fire on a large crowd outside of a concert. witnesses captured the aftermath with their cell phones.
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it happened where a concert featuring lil durk was set to begin. a bullet hit the rapper's tour bus, but they can't say if the concert and shooting was connected. it does not appear to be connected and could be gang related. one concert goer described what he witnessed. >> how many gunshots did you hear? >> three. >> what did you see on the ground? >> somebody laying down with blood. >> according to investigators the shooter fled in a limousine and police caught up with the limo a few blocks away on columbus boulevard, and three people in custody for questioning. so far, though, no charges have been filed. today a burlington county community will hold a fund-raiser for the family two of siblings that died after being hit by a car on bud town road in southampton township. a car wash and bake sale will happen between 9:00 this morning and 3:00 this afternoon at the
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municipal complex to raise funds for the martinez family. the children were walking home from the park in the middle of the road last month when they were hit. the driver was not charged. one popular park in lehigh county is off limits this weekend because of crowd control problems. the park is known for its picnic pavilions and is frequented by folks from all over, new york and new jersey and pennsylvania. today police officers will be stationed at each entrance of the park to keep people from getting inside. it's a shame the mayor could not find an alternative to the overcrowding and the park will resume normal operations on tuesday. today college football returns to philly. this afternoon the owls will take on penn state at lincoln financial field. here's a live look from inside the linc.
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the knitly lions will be playing. need a hair cut today? you can get trimmed up by the battleship barber. the memorial is offering complimentary buzz cuts for anybody that needs a back to school 'do. they are happening from 10:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon today and tomorrow. next a new clerk in town. this is the man now issuing marriage licenses in kentucky, but are they legal? and when the embattled clerk, kim davis, may be released from jail. i was heartbroken and disappointed. >> singing a sour note. young music fans thought they were going to see 5 seconds of summer last night and then they
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ran into ticket trouble. we will explain. patients across the country have spoken.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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good morning. temperatures today will make it into the 80s so that's going to be cooler than what we saw before. we are going to stay dry and it's going to be a very nice labor day holiday for you with warm conditions expected, although we will pick up a little closer to 90 degrees. right now we're at 72, and just a few clouds and the sun is slowly starting to rise over philadelphia. 73% in our humidity. this is a nice setup for us as we head into the rest of today. current temperatures at 63 in the poconos, and 69 in allentown, and 72 in philadelphia, and 69 degrees right now in glass borough, and
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a look at the satellite radar shows quiet conditions, and a high at 85 degrees, and more when i see you again in about ten minutes. a developing story overseas. bus loads of migrants and refugees arrived at the hungarian border with austria. the migrants had been stuck for days at the train station in budapest because authorities blocked them from boarding the trains. authorities sent up to 100 buses to transfer them to the border. many are fleeing the war in syria. the battle over gay marriage continues in kentucky this morning and the issue is are the marriage licenses the couples received yesterday are valid?
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she says they are not valid without her approval. the deputy clerks issues them as their boss, davis, sits in jail. a federal judge found her in contempt because she would not issue the license to gay couples. she says her christian faith prevents her from authorizing gay marriage. >> how long is your wife prepared to stay in jail? >> as long as it takes. >> she will stay in jail in isolation through at least tuesday. as for those that were issued the marriage licenses by the deputy clerks, the county attorney says those licenses are valid. next, it was a routine ride home from work until something unexpected nearly cost the driver his life. see the freak car collision he never saw coming. speaking of cars, this one bursts into flames with an elderly driver from south jersey
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a driver in colorado is counting his blessings after a large piece of road debris flew through the windshield of his car nearly killing him. at first look might not seem so bad, but a closer look shows how serious this could have been. >> thank god nobody was in the car, especially my pregnant wife. it could have benen much worse
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than it is. >> the driver think the object could have been a roll bar from a suv or truck. he will have to go a few days without his car while the repairs are done but he doesn't mind considering nobody was hurt. an elderly man's car bursts into flames outside of a diner yesterday, and the elderly man escaped just in time thanks to a waitress who saw the smoke coming from the engine and ran outside to warn him. >> it was really dangerous. i thought the car might explode. >> they said get out. angela helped me out, thank goodness. i appreciate it. >> nbc 10's cydney long was with him when he called angela to thank her. and an update on a story we shared earlier this week.
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this video shows a man stealing a flag from a house in delaware county and he ripped it off the front porch from their home and we are happy to report the flag has been returned and the thief wrote a letter apologizing for putting the family through, quote, all this suffering. the flag has sentimental value for the family and the tradition of displaying it started with the grandfather that we showed a few minutes ago, and the note had 20 bucks in it to fix the broken flagpole. good morning. temperatures today expected to drop out of the 90s, breaking the heat wave into the 80s. staying dry straight through the weekend, and we have a happy labor day on tap. the sun is starting to come up and we are checking out a few clouds right now and the clouds should start to go away as we
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head into the rest of your late morning and early afternoon. philadelphia, we are at 72 degrees, and the speeds at 9 miles per hour, and we're at 69 and 72 in ben salem, and 69 in westchester and temperatures already in the 70s at the atlantic city airport and in the low 70s in millville and dover. a few changes on the satellite radar showing we are going to see less humidity and cooler temperatures and we have air coming in off the ocean, so that's cooler air that is going to help cool us down, and we have the northeasterly flow, and that's drier air moving in and that's why it's going to be less humid today. and this is perfect because people have plans throughout the city and the shore and the poconos and throughout the entire area, and we are going to stay nice and dry with lots of sunshine, just a few little clouds starting to move in, and
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that's as we move into monday, the actual holiday. we will start to warm up a bit and our humidity will start to particular up a bit as well by monday. highs around the region in the low 80s, and 83 in mount holly, and we will see temperatures at 78 in wildwood, and 82 degrees in pottstown. your shore and beach forecast shows breezy conditions expected for today, and 80 degrees and plenty of sunshine head into sunday and same thing on labor day. we have a moderate risk of rip currents, so you want to be careful if you are headed out to shore and down the shore and plan on going in the water, and just be careful, a heads up on that. nice conditions in store for us if you plan on going to the temple football game today, and as we head into tomorrow, nice temperatures at 87, and close to 90 and hot for labor day. next, today is the day chip kelly cuts down the eagle's
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roster. in sports, the latest eagle talk including tim tebow's chances. several local teens ran into ticket trouble. what kept them out of the 5 seconds of summer show last night.
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i am amy fadool from comcast sportsnet. it was one of the most-watched third string extra teugs. the eagles traded barkley to the arizona cardinals for the condition is if barkley is on the roster for seven games. and no official word on that just yet. but bailey could be added to the eagle's practice squad if another team doesn't sign him. the eagles have until 4:00 p.m.
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today to trim their roster to 53 players. and the nittany lions beat the owls 13 straight times dating back to 1971. the kwoecoaches are looking for to the match-up. >> this team that we have right now, they have not had a chance to play thunderstorm yet so they will play them and i want them to play well and i want them to not have the moment be too big for them. >> last year we were excited to play the first game but we also could have used another two weeks for preparation, and i don't feel that way and i feel like we're ready to play the game. >> and jim saulz bury reporting brown could miss the remaining month of the season. and bottom of the seventh last night, shaw singling to right. and david ortiz, not the fastest
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man ever to be seen run, but that was the kind of night for the phillies. the phillies fall 7-5. last night serena williams in big trouble at the u.s. open and she dropped the first set, and tying it up in the seconds set at five games a piece, and serena two games away from defeat, but do not count her out. finishes with the overhead winner and takes it 3-6, 7-5, and 6-5. still alive. that will do it for sports. i am amy fadool from comcast sportsnet. just ahead in the next half hour, school is back in session and that means the return of high school football. we have complete local highlights in the high school blitz and that's later on this hour. tom brady is now breaking his silence and apologizing.
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he posted a lengthy message on his facebook page late last night and it reads in part while i'm pleased to be eligible to play i'm sorry our league had to endure this. i don't think it has been good for our sport, to a large degree we have all lost. the quarterback was accused of being involved in deflating game balls used in last year's title game against the colts. the nfl is appealing the ruling. for now brady is expected to be in uniform and start the patriot's season opener against the pittsburgh steelers on thursday night here on nbc. teen pop fans had their bubble bursts after finding out the tickets they bought to see their favorite band were fakes. several ticket holders could not get in to see the group, 5 seconds of summer. they purchased the tickets for thousands of dollars on the
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website >> we were supposed to see the sound check and have a meet and greet with them. >> i wanted to cry, you know, because she started crying immediately and it's my niece and it broke my heart, it's her 13th birthday. >> we spoke with officials that tell us they are investigating the case and they recommend buying the tickets from the live nation website itself or another reputable website. meantime the families are hoping they can do a charge back on their credit cards and some filed police reports. the time is 6:26. today an end of summer tradition along the parkway, and jesse gary is live to explain. hey, jesse. >> reporter: taking the stage and talking about a very popular music festival in philadelphia today, and mea culpa. all that after the break. if you are going to head out to the made in america festival
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or poconos or show, and we're talking lower humidity and drier conditions. i will let you know what to expect. that's coming up in my full forecast.
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the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down. i will let you know what to
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get ready for live music. in just hours crowds will pack the ben franklin parkway for two days of bands and outdoor fun. the made in america festival gets under way this afternoon. labor day weekend any be the unofficial end of the summer season, and here is a live look down the shore, and most of us warm into the mid-80s today while the humidity takes a holiday break. welcome back to nbc "nbc10 news
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today." first alert meteorologist, brittney shipp, has the forecast. >> i have been out there a few times when it has been humid, and that's hard to stand out there for hours and hours, and for today and tomorrow, less humidity and temperatures dropping out of the 90s breaking the heat wave and we are starting off with a few clouds and we will see more sunshine head into the rest of today. here is a closer look at your conditions. we expect less humidity and not as hot, but 72 in philadelphia and 66 in kenneth square. 69 degrees in allentown, and 66 in doylestown. 66 in blue bell, and as we take a closer look along the shore, mostly 70s in most locations, and our highs around the region today will make it into the low 80s in philadelphia, and allentown, barely 80 degrees, and on the poconos and along the shore. i will let you know how long the
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slightly cooler temperatures will stick around in my next forecast. hours of music and fun will be at the ben franklin parkway in the made in america festival. jesse, crews have been hard at work all week. is everything set? >> reporter: that's right, rosemary. i am standing on the title stage right here and this is one of five stages. the other three main stages, liberty, rocky and freedom are all up in that area. those are going to have the headline acts such as beyonce. this stage will have local talent, local bands here in philadelphia, and then the last stage will have up and comers. this will be districted to attract a maximum crowd. the area of 20th and the parkway yesterday was an absolute zoo as nobody was going anywhere
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quickly. traffic stuck in place, and philadelphia police rerouted traffic to try and relieve the slow commute. backups blamed on the construction. this two-day concert kicks off this afternoon with 2:00, with beyonce taking the main stage. this holiday weekend staple features 30 performers on five stages and they stretch from the rocky steps all the way to 21st street, the extra block added this year should attract another 20,000 attendees. >> it's tremendously successful and people in the city love it and they totally embraced it, which is a great thing. the restaurants and bars and hotels are full. >> reporter: we end with a mea culpa. i said earlier it was free, and it's not free, and there is a charge and some of the money goes to the united way and they use some of that to fund education programs around the
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five-county region and also in southern jersey, and so you know your money is going to a good cause to make sure your kids are getting books for school and et cetera, et cetera. two days of music, and beyonce tonight. >> thanks, jesse. our coverage of the made in america festival continues online, go to for everything you need to know from street closures to the concert lineups. a scary start to the labor day weekends for dozens of people on south street last night. one man is dead after somebody open fire on a large crowd just outside of a concert. this all happened in front of the tla on third and south where a concert featuring lil durk was set to begin. a bullet hit the rapper's tour bus but they can't say if the shooting and concert are connected and the shooter fled in a limousine and the police caught up with that limo three
6:34 am
walks away. so far no charges have been filed. this, by the way s. a flyer for the lil durk concert. we will continue to follow the story throughout the day and bring you updates this morning here on nbc 10 news today as well as on the nbc 10 app. and then police have released a new video they want you to take a look at, but first we should let you know you may find this video a little disturbing. two men beat and kicked a victim repeatedly in front of a wine and spirits store. the victim was treated at the hospital. if you recognize the men in this video, give police a call. animal control officers in upper darby township could face charges after the death of a dog this week. the dog spent two hours in the back of a van with no air-conditioning before he was
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dropped off. the dog's temperature was 107 degrees when he was brought in and he died of heat stroke. the district attorney is now investigating. three weeks from today pope francis arrives in philadelphia. you will want to mark this tuesday down on your calendar, and that's the day that 10,000 tickets are up for grabs so you can see the pope at independence hall. the tickets are free but it's on a first come first serve basis. the website will only work at noon on tuesday. everybody is keeping their fingers crossed the website doesn't crash, and that's what happened to septa when it first offered its lottery tickets on line so we went to the company that helped septa fix their system to fix what it might take
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to pull this off without a hitch. >> again, you have got a lot of people that want these tickets and there are's only a certain amount of them available, so you have got to be mindful of that kind of traffic, of people wanting those tickets. >> with the septa scenario there was a lottery system, however with the tickets to the independence hall, those are on a first come and first serve basis. everybody here trying to see the pope, and turns out pope francis is trying to see you, too. he was spotted this week trying to get new glasses. he slipped out of the vatican into his ford focus and into an eye shop. the pope spent less than an hour at the tiny shop where he was mobbed by the crowd that gathered outside. now is the time to download the nbc 10 news app. if you have not done it yet, we have a complete section of all the pope annual events, whether
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you are trying to go or trying to avoid the crowd. coming up next, will he or won't he? vice president joe biden answers questions about the potential white house run, and hillary clinton talks about the e-mail scandal that continues to dominate the campaign conversation. i am tracy davidson. join me sunday, two local senators on two sides of the iran nuclear debate speak out. >> we need to try and take yes for an answer here, and if it doesn't work out, they cheat, we will catch them at it. >> when i look at all this i am afraid it diminishes american security and it's a dangerous agreement. >> coming up sunday morning at 11:30 following "meet the press" only on nbc 10.
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good morning. expect a nice start to your weekend. we will see cooler temperatures. you will notice wind direction has shifted so we have an onshore flow that will help cool us down as we head into the rest of today. a start right now at 72 degrees at sea aisle city, and airport, 71. 72 in beach haven, and 75 degrees in lewis and temperatures in dover at 71 degrees. a mild start through the entire area. by 11:00 a.m., 77 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. we will see a few more clouds lingering due to the onshore flow by 2:00 p.m., 79. inland will be warmer than that,
6:41 am
closer to 85 for philadelphia. the breakdown goes like this. we are seeing wind speeds moving in from the northeast, and that's due to dry air moving in so less humidity expected. i will go over how long the favorable conditions will last coming up in my full forecast. now to the decision 2016. hillary clinton says she is sorry about her decision to use a private e-mail server but not because using the server was wrong, she is sorry because using it caused what she calls confusion. hillary clinton did not apologize for the e-mail controversy that is tripling her campaign, and she says she wishes she had not used a private server but insists she used it legally. >> certainly doesn't make me feel good, but i am very confident by the time this campaign has run its course, people will know that what i have been saying is accurate,
6:42 am
and i did not send or receive any material marked classified. >> in the new gallup poll, 74% of democrats still have a favorable opinion of hillary clinton, and among all voters, 41% do. meantime vice president biden does not know when he will decide about a possible run, but that clinton's struggles are not a factor. the republican frontrunner, donald trump is another war of words, saying a talk radio host asked him gotcha questions. >> are you familiar with general suleimani? >> yes. go ahead and tell me. >> he runs the kurds forces. >> yes, right. and i think the kurds have been
6:43 am
mistreated by us. >> no, the bad guys. >> yes, right. >> this is not the first right trump's response to national security questions raised eye brow. trump that does business in 11 countries says he would be tough on trading partners but open to adversaries like vladimir putin. next, an e-mail investigation. philadelphia's district attorney decides what he will do with three of his employees linked to a years old pornographic e-mail chain.
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it's that time of year again. high school blitz time where we bring you the best plays and highlights from high schools all across the region. new jersey and delaware get underway next week. let's get started. ♪ let's kick things off in the catholic lead. williams avoids the tackle and takes it outside. a and rocksboro, and off to the races and takes it down the sideline for the touchdown. that was just the beginning for him. he racks up the yards yesterday. gets the ball again and there he goes -- again. doesn't make it in here, but
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that's okay. west philadelphia, the running back coming out of the backfield and getting the pitch. and he had his sights set on the cameraman and on the end zone. 42-14. and it was a big day for lincoln's casey williams. 22-16. ♪ ♪ northeast hosting addington. keith more looking for more. be a ying ton. and then collins decides to hand it off, and good decision. and now let's take it to the sky for skylights. keep your eye on the ball. prepare charter fumbles, and
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after a few pwoupbz, strat haven gets it. punching it in from one yard out and gets the win. seconds left in the half on this one, weathers, wow, look at that. marple getting the win. and upper darby takes down bonner. and doing battle down the shore. and that's all they needed there, and that score is 6-0. and then back on the ground, handing off to mike waters, and then troy hester, a quick toss to david williams.
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heads for the outside and doesn't look back. boys latin shuts out colombo. next week, head to and cast your vote. that will do it. i am amy fadool. have a great day. a few minutes before the start of the "today" show at 7:00. erica hill and peter alexander join us live from new york with more of what they are working on. >> just ahead here on a saturday morning on "today," we will go live to kentucky where tensions are running high this morning. a county clerk remains behind bars for refusing to issuing marriage license to same-sex couples. what is next for her? we will speak to her attorney. hillary clinton back on the campaign trail after offering sort of an apology about the
6:50 am
e-mails. plus the daring mission for an elite group of firefighters in alaska, and we are on the line with the smoke jumpers. el chapo, could he be brought down by a social media post? this is quite a story. a tweet sent by his son could be a clue where the escaped drug lord is hiding, which has us thinking about the family dinner table in that household. >> a little tension. we will have those stories and more when we get started on this saturday morning. in other news this morning, philadelphia district attorney finished his review of the pornographic e-mails revealed in the attorney general kathleen kane's investigation. instead of firing them, williams says he will send them to sensitivity training.
6:51 am
400 pages of documents containi containi containing explicit teams. kathleen kane's lawyers argue the prosecutors stirred up the retribution against her. good morning. temperatures expected to drop out of the 90s so we're breaking our heat wave today. also humidity relief. dry air moving in from the northeast and it's going to help us out and feel more comfortable out. we don't have a great chance of showers in the 7-day forecast. right now the sun is coming up and we are seeing a lot of cloudiness, and most of the clouds are going to burn off as we head into the rest of the afternoon. we will see a little more sunshine mixing in, but for philadelphia, it's a mostly cloudy start. temperatures on the mild side, and 72 degrees, and wind speeds
6:52 am
out of the east-northeast at 9 miles per hour. 66 in lancaster. temperatures in wilmington at 72, and 71 at the atlantic city airport, and 71 degrees in millville. coastal look at last week, and we did see a heat wave number five with temperatures starting off in the 90s last sunday and as we went through the entire week, we ended the week on the warm side, ten degrees above average. we expect to get closer to the average, so temperatures should start to cool down. satellite radar shot shows us quiet conditions and we are expecting less humidity and cooler temperatures today. part of the reason is due to our wind direction, so you will notice most of the wind speeds moving in from the northeast, drier air and less humidity, and more of an easterly flow, and that's going to produce an onshore flow and that's going to help keep us cooler as well with the cooler ocean air blowing inland. temperatures expected to stay in the low 80s, and closer to the
6:53 am
shore, low 80s, and a closer look at our dry conditions, even as we head into monday and tuesday, the other thing is our wind direction shifts again so we have more humidity expected with moisture coming up from the south. highs around the 80s in the area, and close to 80 degrees in wildwood. mid-80s on saturday and 87 on sunday. take a look at monday at 90 degrees. for the poconos, low 80s all three days and same thing for the shore, so beautiful conditions expected for us. our range today between 83 and 85, and less humidity, and not as hot and the wind speeds moving in from the northeast from 5 to 12 miles per hour. and happy labor day on monday, and we will warm into the low 90s head into most of the next week.
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you are in luck if you are hitting the road this holiday weekend. gas prices at a ten-year low, and that's according to aaa mid-atlantic. gas is about a dollar per gallon cheaper this time of year than last year, and that will give you a few extra bucks to spend when you get where you are going. some people are already in
6:57 am
the back-to-school mind-set. >> some of the best beaches in the country along the mid-atlantic here, and a great opportunity to get away and a great opportunity to take one last road trip this summer. >> the national average price of gas is expected to drop as low as $2.44 a gallon, and that would be the lowest since 2004. cheap gas, decent weather, what more can you ask for? >> you got to make plans. sunshine beautiful on this saturday morning. lower humidity in store for us and cooler than the heat wave we were dealing with. the three-day forecast from philadelphia shows mid-80s today and high 80s tomorrow and 90 by monday. poconos and the shore all staying in the 80s the next couple of days. >> the humidity makes all the difference. >> yeah, and we are keeping the humidity low, so there you go. >> the "today" show is next.
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good morning. not backing down. the county clerk in kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples still behind bars this morning. her attorney says she won't quit her job or turn away from her religious beliefs. pillow fight gone wrong. the pillow fight to let off steam left many bloody and injured. why is the school only acknowledging it now? in plain sight? the son of the drug king pin el chapo may have given away his hiding spot.


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